I thought he could just slip my wet panties to the side and push his cum into me quickly so we wouldn’t get caught, but he ordered me to bend over and pull my underwear off slowly for him to watch. As the white panties rolled over my soft brown butt cheeks to reveal my tight teen asshole, he stepped forward and started lapping at my crack. I let the hole open as he tongue slipped inside. 

I was a senior high student but desperate for school to finish. Going to class everyday in my check mini skirt and white socks was getting old. I wanted it to be over so I could be free. But things got a little more interesting one morning when our usual maths teacher was replaced by Mr. Wilson. He was sexy in an old man way and there was something about him that made me want to be noticed. I sat through the class wondering what it would be like to have an old man penis between my legs…

After class I knocked on his office door, walked straight in, and flopped down onto the sofa in front of him. My white panties were pulling right up into my school girl ass cheeks. It was almost begging for him to grab me by the hair, rip my underwear off and and sink his cock inside me. I could see the lump in his suit pants. I stood up and pushed him onto the sofa and sat over the top of him.

I want to be a good girl for any guy who wants to squirt their cum inside me, but I didn’t even know who this guy was and I wasn’t using any contraception. So I gave him a hand job until he was about to blow, then rolled a condom onto his huge cock.

He stood behind me, pinning me in place with both hands tight around my waist so I couldn’t get away, and started to bang his huge rod as hard as he could up inside me. I was on all fours on the sofa, my face being smashed into the wall by his heavy thrusts. His rock hard cock was as far as it could go, hitting into the top of my tight teenage pussy. I bit my lip and pushed my ass back to satisfy him. 

I wanted him to quickly fill the condom inside me and let me go, so I could leave before we got caught, but as I was gasping for breath he quietly pulled off the condom off without me noticing and pushed back inside my unprotected wet pussy. I know how amazing it must have felt for him to be freely inside me and have my pussy juice dripping straight onto the end go his cock, without the condom in the way. 

Thinking I was protected by the condom, I felt his cock pulse and pump the first load of cum inside me, before he pulled out and poured all over my back. The hot seamen dipped over my asshole and down my brown wet pussy lips. I immediately realised he wasn’t wearing protection inside me, and that first throb of his cock had pushed a huge load of cum deep into the top of my shaft. 

The old man just couldn’t resist putting a squirt inside me to show that he had owned my tight wet school girl pussy. There was something so hot about feeling used like that. As I walked home with his cum inside me, I dreamt about when it would happen again.