A Little Fun in Bed

The bed was a mess. We’d spent all afternoon in it, arms and legs tangled. Kissing. Teasing. Cuddled. Our clothes were strewn about. We had slowly been undressing each other. Your bra was the latest casualty. I wrapped my hands around your beautiful naked breasts and squeezed as you dropped the frilly thing over the side of the bed.. My thumbs slowly orbited your beautiful areolas raising goosebumps on your skin. I brushed against the tip of your nipples as they hardened. With each rise and fall of your chest, my face grew ever closer to your breasts until you could feel my breath on your skin. My warm tongue flicked forward and wet each nipple in turn. I wrapped my lips around your sensitive tip and sucked. Gently at first, but as your breath changed, I sucked harder. I switched to the other nipple by dragging my tongue across your breast to the valley between them, stopping briefly to kiss the spot sensually, then continued on course. Between my hands and tongue it wasn’t long before you were almost purring under your breath.

I noticed your hand slide down your stomach and rest on the outside of your panties against your patiently waiting mound. I let my hands explore more of your body. Down your back to your side, onto your hip and around to your butt. I squeezed, grabbing a handful of your ass and pulling you into me. Then let my fingers trace gently to your thigh. I let the tips of my fingers dance up and down your inner thighs as my mouth descended slowly to your panties, kissing your skin in random intervals along the way. I stopped, my mouth inches from your covered pussy. A growing wet spot gave away how turned on you were. I could see, just slightly, your folds clinging to the soft cloth. I pressed my lips against your panties and kissed gently. My fingers glided around your wanting wet lips teasing you. I couldn’t wait any longer. I hooked a finger under the cloth and pulled your panties to the side exposing your swelling pink lips. Your juices glistened on your folds. I smiled up at you. You bit your lip, knowing what was coming.

I leaned in and licked you from one end of your beautiful little pussy to the other. You tasted amazing. I moaned into you. I let my tongue explore your aching wet sex. Sliding up one side and down the other, spreading your lips wider with every round it made. Suddenly, without warning, my tongue slid past your swollen lips and dove deep into your hole. You were so wet as I worked your pussy with my warm mouth. Your sweet juices ran down my bearded chin and down your ass. You moaned and bucked against my mouth, flames building inside of you. With one hand I squeezed and groped your breast as the other teased at your little hooded button . I could feel you tense up and arch your back as you almost screamed. I sucked your clit into my mouth and growled deep, sending vibrations up your spine. You let go and cum hard, violently bucking against me. You grabbed my hair and held me against you so I couldn’t get away. Thick salty juices flowed into my mouth and down my chin, dripping to the sheets below.

I paused for only a moment, looking over your beautiful body as you caught your breath. I pulled your panties off your hips and freed of your legs. I smiled and went down on you once more, licking you from one end of your pulsing wet pussy to the other, taking your juices into my mouth. I sat up, keeping one hand on your thigh. The other hand slowly stroking my thick cock, throbbing and starting to drip. I nestled myself between your legs. My swelling head pressed to your still throbbing clit. Anticipation grew as we both stared at the inevitable. I pulled my hips back, sliding my shaft down your slit. You reached up and pushed down, slipping my dripping head into you.

In one slow thrust, my shaft filled you. The mutual gasp filled the room. My sack slapped against your ass as our worlds collided. I pulled out to just the tip and slid it deep again and again. Each time, your body surged. Your face contorted into pain and pleasure as you gripped the sheets on either side of you. My thrusting sped up as our juices covered my balls. A thick lather coated my cock and built at its base. Each thrust pounded against you, building up the flame inside. You began to squirm in my arms. Your moans became louder and turned into obscenities and strings of dirty nothings that you want done to you. You arched your back, pushing yourself into my hips as you cried out.

I halted my thrusting, and push myself into you as deep as I could go, grinding our worlds together, stirring you like my morning coffee. Your breath caught and you fell silent. A second orgasm washed through you, nearly overwhelming. Your body tensed and bucked. I could feel your warm pussy contracting around my cock, kneading it inside you, marinading me in your hot juices. You finally sucked in air and cried out in ecstasy, legs shaking uncontrollably. Your orgasm still sending electricity through your beautiful naked body. After what seemed like forever in your head, you caught your breath, and opened your eyes. You smiled at me, almost giggling. You looked beautiful as beads of sweat formed on your soft skin. I gently pulled my throbbing cock from your dripping little pussy, making you squeal. Your fingers went straight for your clit, your legs pressed tightly together trying to recover still. You bit your lip and looked at me kneeling at your feet. “We are far from done.” I said, wiping some of our juices from my thickness with my hand. I licked the cream from my thumb, smiling and looking you over. “I haven’t had mine yet.”