Shy Mom Gets Caught

Becky stared at the purple toy in her hand, and sighed. It was the first sex toy she’s ever owned in her 43 years of life, the first “cock” she’s held in many years.

“It’s come to this?” she thinks as she lets her hand slide along it. The toy was on the smaller side, 5 inches and looking like a real cock. Well unless you count the color, she liked purple. Becky rubbed the suction cup end and looked at the wall to her bedroom that was attached to exterior of the house she shared with her son, Jack.

“He should be sound asleep now, it’s really late” she thinks stepping to the wall, removing her robe to leave her in her panties. Jack was a good kid, just graduated from high school. He was popular in the “well liked” but not “goes to all the parties” sort of way. He’s a bit naive about girls, probably a virgin, she thinks.

Becky attaches the toy to the wall and sees if it sticks, it does. “Stop thinking of your son” she sighs. She goes down on her knees, feeling her chubby ass press against her legs. She closes her eyes, she wanted to picture herself pleasing a man. She leaned forward and licked the tip.

She shuddered as the head of the toy slipped into her mouth. She wasn’t picturing any man in particular; the toy didn’t even have a name yet. She should name it or maybe just have it be a “Stranger”. She timidly slides her face back and forth, breathing through her nose. Being tender and getting used to her new lover.

Becky’s shyness gave way to her lust as she started to work her head down harder on the cock, rubbing her heavy breasts. She took the fake cock all the way in her mouth and suckled it, feeling sexier than she’s felt in years. “Let me suck that cock” she moaned for her imaginary man, the man who kept morphing from one fake person to the next. She let her lips slide along the toy, he was a stranger now, then her friend’s husband, then it was a younger lover.

She stood up and removed her panties, dropping to her hands and knees. She needed this, the toy wouldn’t cum for her, but she could cum for it. The head goes in…it feels so good. She was going to take it in slow, but her hips took over and slammed her plump ass against the wall sending it as deep as it would go. She stifled a moan.

It was over, she needed this so badly. She rocked her hips, pressing her body to the wall, feeling her cheeks against it. She closed her eyes and started to pound herself into the wall. “Fuck me” she whispered quietly, barely heard over the sound of her slapping against the wall.

Becky moved quicker and harder, her dresser shaking as she moved. She could hear her tits slapping against her as her breathing intensified. She was lost in her lust, she could feel an orgasm building. She hasn’t orgasmed in a year…no two or three. It was going to be intense she knew it. She kept pounding, focusing on her pleasure and nothing else, not even the light knock at her door.

It was here, she was cumming. Becky breathlessly moaned “Fuck me…” and opened her eye as she slammed against the wall to cum on the toy. Her eyes opened to see her son, wide eyed and paralyzed in shock. Nothing would stop the wave of pleasure, nothing. She couldn’t’ hold it back, she couldn’t stop it. Her eyes locked with his as she moaned out “JaaAAaaaccckkkk”

Jack just stared, never saying anything, never moving. He closed the door and left. Becky gasped on the floor, pleasured and ashamed. She pulled herself up and grabbed her robe, putting it on. “Fuck” she said, what did he think. It’s bad enough she was even doing this, but she just came saying her sons name. They needed to talk.